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3 Surprising Ways Enterprise IT Consulting Delivers ROI


In many organizations, it can be challenging to make a business case for new initiatives, systems, or technologies. Change happens slowly because enterprise leadership wants to ensure the business is headed in a direction that makes sense for the bottom line. Sometimes, it takes a clear vision to see how such changes can benefit the business and, in the best scenarios, even provide a return on investment (ROI).

This is certainly true of enterprise IT consulting. By seeking out IT help, your organization can position itself to benefit from improved IT processes, greater efficiencies, heightened data security, and more. But first, you might have to make a business case for consulting, rather than just doing it alone.

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For starters, consider these surprising ways enterprise IT consulting can deliver ROI.

1. Freeing Up Your IT Staff

Through IT consulting, your enterprise is empowered to benefit from leading-edge applications and software, such as cloud automation and virtualization. These solutions free up your staff to focus on tasks that move the business forward. Instead of being stuck in the weeds, managing time-consuming manual processes and providing support for frustrated users, the IT team can work on new initiatives, help with business development, and so on.

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In addition, an IT consultant can recommend the best business continuity and cybersecurity tools for your organization, which takes an enormous load of responsibility off of your IT employees. They no longer have to worry about each and every threat that emerges, creating manual fixes, and educating users on risky behavior. Instead, they can rest assured that sensitive data is highly secure in the cloud, immune to the majority of hacking attempts, end-user mistakes, and network failures.

2. Boosting Morale

Your employees rely upon a variety of IT systems to do their jobs; when these technologies are slow, unreliable, or clunky to use, everyday tasks can become frustrating and impact their perception of their job—and even the company at large. However, enterprise IT consulting can actually boost company morale, as new, highly efficient IT tools help reduce those sources of stress and improve productivity.

Plus, when new technologies are rolled out, IT consulting can help streamline the deployment process. Learning a new system becomes a faster, easier process, so employees are poised to enjoy its benefits in less time with fewer frustrations and mistakes.

As most corporate employees can attest, morale has a ripple effect throughout an entire department—and sometimes, throughout the company at large. Happier, less frustrated employees stay at their jobs longer than their less-satisfied counterparts. This saves the organization money over time in recruiting, hiring, and training new IT staff. Meanwhile, successful IT systems boost productivity, thus creating a healthier, more resilient bottom line.

3. Providing Faster Time to Value When Moving to a New Platform

Organizations are adopting cloud services, virtualization, and other related platforms at a faster rate every year. These technologies certainly hold a wide range of benefits for businesses, such as greater productivity and agility, reduced costs, and more. However, implementing these systems on your own can eat up a lot of time and resources. In fact, some cloud migrations can take up to a year—a timeline that is unacceptable for many organizations.

Partnering with an IT consulting firm can greatly improve your time to value when moving to a new platform or rolling out a technology. This is achieved through an in-depth analysis of each organization and the development of custom solutions to help it achieve its goals. Look for an IT consulting firm that provides data center management and cloud as a service, which allow you to “hand off” key IT functions and dial up or down services as needed. This greatly simplifies IT management on your end, thus saving time and money right away.

Maximizing ROI

As any business knows, ROI is important for every organization looking to make a new investment in technology. Working with an experienced consultant can help you identify those services and software platforms that will benefit your company the most, while streamlining deployment to provide a shorter time to value. As a result, your IT team is free to focus on the bigger picture, which helps your organization stay competitive both now and over the long term.

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