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Weighing the Risks of Managing vSpace Deployments In-House


Virtualization has come a long way since it entered the mainstream more than 10 years ago. Today, the reliability and capabilities of platforms like vSpace have helped organizations of all kinds reap the benefits of virtualization. 

However, this broad acceptance doesn’t mean that a vSpace deployment isn’t still a complicated process. Although many organizations attempt to manage these roll-outs in-house, this approach isn’t for everyone. First, you must weigh the risks of managing your vSpace deployment in-house versus the option of partnering with a hardware virtualization firm.

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Risks of In-House Deployments

It can be tempting to leverage your in-house IT team to deploy your new vSpace environment. After all, your folks have some basic knowledge of virtualization, and plenty of other organizations have successfully executed efforts internally. While your team undoubtedly has a firm understanding of the basics of virtualization, it’s important to realize that in-house deployments come with their own set of risks.

First, your in-house IT team may face some challenges in tackling a deployment. Depending on the size and nature of your organization, you might have limited employee resources. Plus, tasking several staff members to concentrate on virtualizing infrastructure may take their focus away from other important tasks. And once the deployment is complete, user acceptance testing requires even more valuable time.But the key consideration is your IT team’s expertise. Most IT professionals are not going to have the skill set or installation experience required to seamlessly deploy a vSpace environment. Your team likely will not have real-world experience with creating virtual architectures; instead, their focus is typically on maintaining operations.

Faced with limited resources and experience, many organizations that opt for in-house deployments encounter a variety of problems:

  • Unexpected downtime, which has the potential to impact the business
  • Low satisfaction levels
  • Security risks due to unseen vulnerabilities
  • End-user frustration when features don’t work as intended
  • The risk of falling out of compliance if the deployment doesn’t go as expected

Compliance problems are especially problematic if your IT team is not familiar with all applicable rules and regulations for your organization. In some cases, falling out of compliance can lead to fines and a damaged reputation.

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Benefits of Hiring Outside Help

Partnering with a firm that specializes in vSpace ensures your deployment goes smoothly and stays on schedule. Look for a provider that segments physical hardware, operating systems, and platform resources into disparate operable pieces to allow them to be managed as individual components.

With this approach, both symmetric and asymmetric multi-processing of your allocated resources—including CPU, RAM and storage assets—can be handled in one of two ways: as fixed, pre-allocated resources or as unutilized pooled dynamic resources. This gives you end-to-end hardware management and control over the allocation of available virtual and hardware resources.

These techniques prevent the majority of computer and network issues that typically occur with virtual deployments, thereby not only helping infrastructure and systems run more reliably and securely but also saving the client time and resources.

Moreover, hiring outside help ensures you benefit from the knowledge and experience of virtualization experts. Partnering with a team who specializes in deployment also means your organization enjoys dedicated resources for your vSpace project. Look for a partner that can support your IT staff online, regardless of where they are located, or can go onsite if necessary. This ensures you benefit from real-time support for any problems, which will ensure increased productivity and a better end-user experience for your entire organization.

Unlike your IT team, who is tasked with a variety of job roles, a virtualization provider executes virtualization deployments every day and has seen every potential scenario and obstacle. In addition, many firms benefit from a close relationship with vendors and involvement with manufacturing counsels, which helps them ensure their clients’ deployments run smoothly from start to finish, even if minor problems emerge with specific systems or applications.

If you’re ready to deploy vSpace for your organization, look for a partner who can ease the deployment process. A leader in hardware virtualization, Centrinet provides vSpace-supported infrastructure environments to help you meet your business goals. Learn more about our hardware virtualization solutions or request a consultation.

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