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Why all the buzz about Hyperconvergence?


You can walk around any technology conference and pick up your fill of buzzwords. Some of these terms and their corresponding technologies stick, while others are never heard again. If you can put aside the hype surrounding a buzzword and understand whether the concept actually solves real-world business problems, then you can bet on the likelihood of that technology working its way into forward-thinking companies. Technologies such as single sign-on cloud-based solutions and quantum computing are examples of solutions that rose above the mere buzz that surrounded them and actually solved problems for businesses that adopted them.

Hyperconvergence is one such technology that is poised to join their ranks.

Hyperconvergence is the future of computing

What is hyperconvergence?

Hyperconvergence, or hyper-convergence infrastructure, has roots in converged infrastructure: a modern method to maximize efficiencies in the data center by combining or pooling servers, storage, and network devices into one appliance. Hyperconvergence extends beyond that to encompass computing, storage, networking, virtualization, software, and other technologies into one box. It combines what were once separate systems into a single piece of commodity hardware that unifies all of the different platforms under one package that can be delivered and deployed—right off the shelf. Without the need for IT to build the infrastructure piece by piece, technicians are free to focus on other IT needs.

Key Features and Benefits

In order for the buzz surrounding a technology to be legitimate, there needs to be evidence that it offers real benefits. Hyperconvergence shows its value in a number of ways:

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Reduced Vendor Management

Because everything exists in a single appliance, you are only working with one vendor. This makes support, contracts, and procurement much easier to manage. You no longer have to worry how an update or patch will affect integrations with other components and if there is a problem, you don’t have to watch as vendors play the blame game.

Reduced Costs

By moving to a hyperconvergence infrastructure you are going to see immediate savings when it comes to capital outlay, because you are no longer required to purchase components separately. Furthermore, you will see a reduction in management and technology refresh costs down the road.

Increased Efficiency

With the all-in-one approach hyperconvergence provides, your team will need far less time to deploy infrastructure in your organization, freeing them up to spend more time on other business initiatives. Centralizing management around one server also reduces complexity and streamlines processes for your IT team for other projects and tasks.

Reduced Need for Specialized Skills

In the past, a data center required a team dedicated to maintaining servers, specialists to handle networking, storage administrators, and security professionals. With everything contained in a single server, hyperconvergence allows your specialists to focus on other areas of the business.

Of course, not just any hyperconvergence solution will provide you with these benefits. The right solution will easily scale, provide built-in data protection, and offer a high availability system.

The impact of a hyper-converged infrastructure on your business can be reduced to a single word: simplicity. Housing your data center in a single server makes things simple, relying on one vendor makes things simple, rolling out a new node with no more than a few clicks makes things simple. When things are easy for your company, you save money, reduce frustration, and have peace of mind knowing that your business-critical systems will be up and running when you need them.

Operational performance and budgetary predictability make hyperconvergence a viable solution for enterprise organizations. If you are evaluating IT services for better business efficiencies, contact us to determine whether hyperconvergence is the right solution for your needs.

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