Hardware virtualization


Centrinet’s virtualization deployments segments physical hardware, OS, and platform resources into independent operable pieces and managed as separate, individual components.

Both symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessing of allocated resources (i.e. CPU, RAM, Storage) can be fixed pre-allocated resources or unutilized pooled dynamic resources providing the benefit of comprehensive hardware management and control allocating virtual resources hardware resources are available.

  • Assures infrastructure and systems run more reliably and securely by preventing a majority of computer and network problems from occurring in the first place, resulting in significant reduction in downtime.
  • Corrects problems promptly and accurately without the cost, delay and inconvenience of having an engineer travel to your office. We support your staff online, wherever they are, or go onsite if required.
  • Increased productivity for your business.
  • Improved end-user experience.
  • 100% staffed by US-based employees who get to know you and learn about your unique needs. No outsourcing.